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Imagine if you had a funding partner that 100% guaranteed to fund your fix-and-flip projects. In exchange, all you need to do is find good deals.


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Jonathan needed funding. Fast.

Jonathan had been working on closing a great deal for several months. The seller had finally come to terms with him and he needed a lender that could move fast and deliver as promised.

“We'd been working with the seller for months to come to terms and the timing was finally right. I'd had mixed experiences with lenders in the past and needed a team that would help me close this one fast. Based on the experience and reputation of the team, I knew Fund That Flip would deliver.”

— Jonathan Makovsky

Meet Jonathan. He's a Rockstar.

Are you a Rockstar?

Currently looking for your next great fix-and-flip project? We get it… good deals are tough to come by these days.

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We looked for a lender like this and couldn't find one... so we created one.

These are our promises to you. Feel like we're not delivering... email our CEO [email protected] and we'll get it right.

  • Promise 1 We are transparent and tell it how it is.
  • Promise 2 We won't waste your time. If a project isn't for us we'll tell you quickly and give you a reason why.
  • Promise 3 We do what we say we're going to do. Get a term sheet from us and we'll be there for you at closing.
  • Promise 4 We're always on. You'll have our cell phone numbers. Text, call, email us. We're here for you.
  • Promise 5 We're committed to closing deals.We specialize in funding 1-4 unit properties. We've gotten pretty good at it!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive funding for my project?

We can fund in as few as 7 days. Sign up for a free account and introduce yourself so we can get to know you and understand your goals. This helps us move faster once you lock down your next great deal.

What percentage of my deal will be funded?

We'll fund up to 90% of purchase and 100% of rehab. This depends on how much of a discount you're purchasing the property for and how much experience you have.


How much does Fund That Flip's capital cost?

We price each deal individually based on your level of experience. Rates start at 1.5% and 8.99% annual interest.

Is Fund That Flip a Hard Money Lender?

Yes and No. We operate like a HML in the sense we're quick, we underwrite based on the characteristics of the real estate and we take first lien position. However, we partner with you to build online credibility so that you can lower your rates over time. What HML is trying to help you lower your costs?

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Jonathan Makovsky
Jon George Enterprises

“Fund That Flip wants us to be successful. And we want Fund That Flip to be successful. It's a true win-win partnership we have with them.”

Bob Couture
S&C Homebuyers

“We were spending half of our time trying to find investors for our deals. Now we fund everything online and have more time to dedicate to finding good deals.”

Mario C.

“I gotta say, we're really pleased with your flow and clarity. Draws come out quick. Numbers are on point. It really feels like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for your good work.”

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